Wish list

  • a way to dynamically silence (“grey out”, if this were a GUI menu system) certain menu items, which may be desired during program flow, probably by passing a list of silenced tab names and return values

  • have an option to accept single keypresses instead of multiple keys and ENTER with the input() function, using msvcrt package in Windows or tty and termios in Mac/Linux. (This will make coverage platform- dependent, so it will have to be cumulative on travis and appveyor)

  • incorporate ansimarkup (https://pypi.org/project/ansimarkup/) – is it cross compatible? Will it work with cmder.exe on windows? So the app could have really cool colored tabs!!! Would colorama work?

  • Add MacOS CI (Circle?)

  • Fix tests by (1) changing lazy regression tests to true tests, (2) relying less on ordering to be true unit tests, (3) monkeypatch inputs instead of that ugly menu.Menu._testing hacks